Biocenosis of Mangrove Swamp In the Intertidal Zone, Guangxi, China


A collaborative educational poster for Guangxi Mangrove Research Center. Born in Guangxi, China, I'm always willing to contribute to the environmental conservation and education in my hometown area. This work has been included as a permanent printing piece in the new established exhibition space for public scientific education at Guangxi Mangrove Research Center.

Measurement Drawing: Eagle's Skull


Dip Pen Drawing: Cuttlefish Median Mantle Stripe


A collaborative study with Roger Hanlon, observing and researching on the pattern variation and camouflage strategy of cuttlefish mantle stripe which has been researched by Hanlon and his research team at Woods Hole Marine Biological Lab .


Marine Mutants


Marine Mutants is a collection of AI-generated artificial marine inverterbrate species, utilizing GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) as a tool to spot the physiological patterns, anomalies, proportions and relationships.


Using RunwayML to train a model of synthetic marine creatures generated from a dataset of 2000 images of multiple marine invertebrate zooplanktons - including Mollusca, Cnidaria and Arthropod larva. The result shows a set of mutants sharing some similar features such as large eyes, translucent skin and cavity-like body shape. Further research and development could be built based on these structural characteristics.

Cutting A Solid


Based on the philosophy of Loeb’s Design Science Collection, I framed an experimental design process, aiming at exploring the structural continuity between the fundamental 5 Platonic solids and the Archimedean solids. Using a rendering strategy to distinguish different process while maintaining a visual coherence - The steel material represents edges that connect vertices of 2 concentric overlapping polyhedrons, the stone represents the part being cutted off, and the diamond represents cutted surfaces, a set of digital jewelry design was created to demonstrate my reflection on Loeb’s concept - transformations of one form from simple to complex through an understandable medium.

Digital Tangibility


Ditigal Tangibility is a set of experimental re-renderings using 3D scanned data as the orginal white model input. Given a realistic form and shape with different material textures, how might we rethink materiality and tangibility in a digital new era? The source data were captured using both Peel 3D scanner and Agisoft Metashape photogrammetry software.









Arhat is a group dance that performs religious plots as SAMADHI, REBIRTH and EXALTED HERO, taking concepts from Tibetan Buddhism. I took part in the choregraphy for this group dance in 2017. The 3 typical stage photos were taken during the performance.