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Shoe-last CNC Machine

5-axis linkage CNC machine designed for digitally fabricating shoe-last models.

Shoe lasts are the most essential part of shoes for it determines not only the shape and style of shoes but also whether the shoes are comfortable to wear and whether they can provide protection for our feet. Lasts are usually made of hardwoods. When using numerical control machines to make lasts, it is necessary to carve the patterns and the shapes of the bottom and the lateral side of lasts with five-axis machining.


This project aims to design a small last-making machine tool with low cutting force. Design process include:  Design of machine structure, stress analysis, the selection of electric machines and other standardized components, components and assembly drawing, modeling and rendering.

Main design parameters:
Axis translation X/Y/Z working itinerary:300*150*100mm
A-axis working itinerary:±100°
C-axis working itinerary:0°-360°
Maximum acceleration:1.5g
Positioning accuracy:0.05mm
Repetitve positioning accuracy:0.025mm

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