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Post-Plastic Age: Human Evolution

As human entered "the age of plastic", we took raw material from nature and creates a huge amount of undegradable waste. Nowadays, more and more evidence show that plastic pollution is coming back in a new form - microplastics. As these potentially harmful particles enter food chain, it seems inevitable that human will soon face the problem of ingesting plastics and have microplastics accumulating in body. Despite our expanding knowledge of microplastics, their adverse health effects at the organismal, human and ecosystem levels remain unknown.

By researching on current study that worms and bacteria founded near landfills have accidently evolved to eat plastic bags, as well as the process of manufacturing synthetic material, I speculate on the potential possibility of the evolution of human digestion system that different organs will more or less evolve to adapt the environment where plastic would be part of our daily food source.

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